plain was the same as it ever was the same. 
plainly plain. samely same. 
but then, someone lit the flame. 
plain rode away on lion's mane. 
where plain met fruits with strangely names. 
such wonderful things they did contain. 
a shot of life to a hungry vein. 
the captive beast who broke the chain. 
and there upon that fruited plain is where 
plain became what plain became. 
so much more than more than plain. 
plain will never be the same.


hailee steinfeld, who is your stylist?

...'cause they're doing something right. first, looking stunning in calvin klein collection at the golden globes and now prada at the sag awards (below). both age appropriate for a fourteen year old and easily put her towards the top of best dressed lists. excited to see what you have in store for the oscars. (since when did i start to care about best dressed at awards shows? who am i? joan rivers, what have you done to me?)